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Meat & Poultry Industry: Electropolishing Stainless Steel for Surface Improvement

The meat and poultry industry is one of the largest segments of the country’s agricultural production—and one of the fastest growing. Electropolishing can successfully remove contaminants and impurities from metal parts, and leave behind a surface that is easier to clean – and impedes the growth of dangerous bacteria.

Electropolishing Reduces Bacterial Cross-Contamination in Food Production Equipment

Bacterial accumulation on equipment in the food production industry is an ongoing and dangerous threat, with the potential to transmit food-borne pathogens on a wide scale. Read our whitepaper to learn how electropolishing creates an ultrasmooth, ultraclean surface that resists both product and pathogen adhesion.

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How We Work with Clients

FINISH FIRST: Electropolishing in the R&D Process

Our Finish First methodology enables world class design and manufacturing engineers to approach metal finishing challenges from the beginning, both as a way to ensure better results prior to penetrant testing, and as an advantage in the design and prototyping stage.

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Technical Guide: Finishing for the Food Industry

Download your free copy of our technical guide to learn how electropolishing helps the food industry meet regulatory standards and sanitation requirements including benefits for food processing and packaging, food service and display, and consumer products.

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Benefits of Electropolishing for the Meat & Poultry Industries

  • Removing Discoloration: After fabricating various wire weldments, metal components have black discoloration at the weld joints. By removing ions from the surface, electropolishing is effective in removing the outer skin of metal, eliminating the discoloration in the heat-effected zone, and leaving a chromium rich, passive surface that greatly enhances corrosion resistance.
  • Increasing Pathogen Resistance: A clean, electropolished surface is less likely to harbor bacteria which could contaminate food products. Electropolishing creates a surface that has been shown to impede the attachment of dangerous bacteria like salmonella.
  • Deburring: By removing the high peaks in the material’s surface finish (burrs), the metal becomes smoother, reducing product build-up and eliminating imperfections that can make cleaning more difficult and become initiation sites for corrosion and bacteria growth.
  • Long-Lasting Finish: Since there is no coating to peel or abrade, the bright finish from electropolishing will keep the parts looking good indefinitely.

Meet or Exceed FDA Guidelines with Electropolishing

Metal Part Electropolishing for the Food Industry
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Metal Part Electropolishing for the Food Industry
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Benefits of Electropolishing
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Improve Corrosion Resistance of Stainless Steel & Aluminum Parts
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